Friday, March 4, 2011

Somebody pinch me...

Or at least give me my horse back because there is no way this calm, collected, thoughtful steed I've been riding lately in a snaffle bit is actually my horse. Whoever stole my crazy, knuckle-headed, 17.3 OTTB, please return him immediately. Or don't actually. Because this new beast I'm riding is pretty darn fancy and I am falling more and more in love with him every day.

Incase you couldn't tell, we had another fantastic jumping lesson on Wednesday. We worked on a grid - bounce, bounce, on stride - and he was just fabulous so we moved on to some course work. None of the jumps were huge - we kept them around 3'3-3'6- but my horse was spectacular. We worked on the same things we have been and threw in a ton of bending lines and rollbacks to make me really work on keeping that right shoulder from popping out as it tends to. I don't know what happened but something has clicked and he is really starting to get it. He took off from the base of the jumps at most of our fences and the ones where we had an off distance he took it long instead of chipping in that extra, retarded stride like we usually do.

Basically, I love my horse. I am canceling tonight's dressage sesh to go out to dinner in SF with Daniel and then will do a long conditioning hack tomorrow and some dressage on Sunday.

I ordered him some new shipping boots because mine are long gone and found these super cute plaid ones with a matching fleece sheet! I cannot wait for them to arrive!!


  1. he is 17.3??? OH MAN I am jealous. I need a mega tall legs are waaay too long

  2. Yup:) he is a GIANT! Now anytime I ride a horse 16.3 or under I feel like I'm on a pony haha. That's kind of a problem though cos now I don't want anything under 17.