Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

So I know I have pretty much disappeared recently but I promise I have good excuses! The last few weeks have been VERY hectic for me so I haven't really had any time to blog and to be honest, I probably won't have too much time for a while going forward. You see, I have decided that it's time to stop being an effing dinosaur and actually do something with my life. To begin, I have signed up for 2 summer classes at the community college, I am also just starting to study for the GMAT and when that's done I'll have the LSAT, and I am researching grad schools to apply to.

However, in the midst of all of that, I am still making time for Gatsby and some lessons and *hopefully* some competitions coming up. Gatsby has done a complete 180 from the last time I wrote. Our rides recently have been awesome, both on the flat and over fences. We went to Woodside a couple weekends ago and had a fantastic schooling, including a big prelim jump into water which he rocked!

Our dressage has also been coming along although we definitely have good & not-so-good days. Our jumping has been phenomenal!! Last week in our lesson we jumped a HUGE 4 ft oxer beautifully. Gatsby was very unimpressed with mine and Alexis' attempts to make him work by raising the jumps. I don't know how much higher we can raise them before I get chicken!!

Anyways, I will try to update more regularly now that I have somewhat of a schedule for my classes/studying but I can't make any promises. Hope you all are having fantastic summers with your ponies!

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