Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well, not surprisingly, I wasn't the only one at the barn who was upset that people were still going to Woodside. Both my trainer and the barn manager sent out emails on Tuesday saying that, due to boarder concerns, no one would be going to Woodside!! I feel a little bad that I am excited about this since many of those who had planned on going ended up losing their entry fee, but ultimately, I am more concerned about my horse's well being.

Also, I checked the Woodsite site this morning and the new precautions they have in place to monitor signs of EHV-1 seem not only tedious, but also unreliable. They are having riders check their horses temps twice a day and place outside their stall, among other things.

Seeing as Woodside was going to be our last show till August, I guess Gatsby and I have a nice, relaxing summer ahead of us now:)

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  1. I am sure it is not easy to pull out of something you were looking forward to but you made the right decision. And I love your attitude about you relaxing summer. Finances have made me pull out of alot of things I was looking forward to this summer and I have been bummed about it. So I could learn from this mindset. I struggle to stay motivated not having an upcoming competition. Do you have that problem at all and if so how to you keep yourself motivated?