Monday, May 23, 2011

Scratch That

Given the recent scare over the EHV-1 outbreak, I have decided to scratch from Woodside. Luckily, I was able to make this decision in time to still receive credit towards another event, many others are not in the same boat. However, I probably would have made the same decision regardless.

Granted, this decision was probably easier to make for me than for some. While I am trying to qualify for the Training 3-Day at Galway in November, I was not one of the many who shelled out big bucks to participate in the $15K Prelim Challenge, a once-yearly occurrence. I am by no means passing judgment on any riders who are choosing to still compete, I am simply stating my opinion on my personal situation.

After talking to Alexis about it on Saturday, I was seriously considering un-scratching but then I diagnoses in Marin County, under 100 miles from us, gave me the extra push to stick with my decision. Unfortunately, this does not prevent Gatsby from being at risk as several other boarders at my barn are still planning on attending. My barn sent out an email last week instating a no trailering in or out policy until this ordeal passes but I guess they made an exception for this show. This seriously bothers me, especially considering that at this point, no other barns in the area are accepting new horses so I am stuck there, regardless of whether or not others choose to attend Woodside.

My current plan? I will be sending a very polite yet adamant e-mail to my BO stating my concerns. I am hoping that others from my barn have reactted similarly and that the BO decides to firmly enforce their original rule that no one travel off-property if they plan on returning.

If that doesn't work? Upon the horses return from Woodside I will begin monitoring Gatsby VERY closely, taking his temperature twice a day and watching for any signs of neurological symptoms. At the moment, I am very disappointed with how they are handling the issue but can only cross my fingers that they well act responsibly and reasonably in trying to protect our horses.

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