Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March Re-Cap/April Goals + Kanye's First Ride!!!

March Re-Cap


  • Be ready to schedule a check-up with the vet in April to get the OK to start cantering.                         Success! Our vet is coming out next week for Spring vacs and to re-check Gatsby's tendon. He has been feeling great recently so I am hoping for a thumbs up to canter!
  • Continue to work on relaxation and stretching.                                                                                    We actually ended up working a lot more on serious dressage work, which has been going great. And, as an added plus, when he works his tush off doing dressage, he actually WANTS to relax and stretch after!!
  • Continue to work on straightness and strength-building.                                                                       Yep! Lots of this! He is super fit and actually in some ways feels a lot stronger than he did prior to the injury.
  • Stay happy and healthy!                                                                                                                      Definite yes! Even though March got a little hectic leading up to taxes at work, I was still able to ride fairly consistently. Also, a friend of mine was able to start riding him a couple days a week which is AWESOME! Gatsby loves the extra attention!!
  • Get that faux-ssoa on!                                                                                                                        Starting to think this may never happen....
  • Get an under saddle ride in!                                                                                                                This totally happened and it was AMAZING!!! I am super late to blog about it and it definitely deserves it's own post (very soon!) but I will just say that I cannot imagine a better baby.

April Goals

  • Start cantering!!
  • Start more work outside the arena...hacks down the road, around the track, etc.
  • Maybe go to a local schooling dressage show if the canter gets ok'd
  • Stay happy and healthy!                                                                                                                      
  • Get a couple more rides in before I leave for England.
  • Do some work on ground manners, he is pretty good but could be better.

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