Thursday, March 20, 2014

Viva Carlos Blog Hop: What's In Your Bucket/Smartpak?

What supplements and feeds does your horse vaccuum down everyday?

2 flakes of alfafa in the morning (has to be separated from his gf or else she will eat it all)
2 flakes of grass in the evening                                                                                                                     Rice bran and beet pulp (don't know exact weights, sorry! It is a ton though because he is a super                 hard keeper)
In SmartPak: Cosequin ASU & SmartDigest Ultra (total = $94.40, definitely pricey but I really       like both supplements for him)

Alfalfa morning and evening (exact amount varies depending on who feeds him and how big the                     flakes are, just know that he gets plenty)                                                                                                       Purina Senior with Amplify (all of our pasture horses get this and it is pretty great)                                         In SmartPak: SmartVite Thrive Pellets (total = $19.95)

I've never been a whiz at feed or supplements but I have tried a few things with Gatsby and what he is doing currently seems to be working the best so far, especially in terms of keeping weight on. He has always had a really nice coat; his feet were not-so-great when I got him but have been good for a while, needs shoes all around though. Kanye seems to be doing well with his current program also except for his feet; not sure if it is the supplements or the shoeing schedule but something is not quite right. I am going to start with adding a hoof supplement but may start front shoes soon if that doesn't help (he is barefoot all around right now)


  1. I think I need to get Henry on a hoof supplement too.. Let me know what you find :)

    1. SmartCombo has a hoof supp in it.

      My horse is on the SmartVite pellets too, I quite like them!