Monday, February 21, 2011

All-Star Weekend

Unfortunately this weekend didn't quite go as planned and I only made it out to the barn on Sunday:( I was super excited about not having anything planned for the weekend but this allowed me to sleep in very late and not be very productive. Also there was a dressage show at our barn this weekend so I couldn't ride until the afternoon and often by then I am distracted and don't realize what time it is until it is too late (my bad, I know). I was also supposed to take my car in for maintenance on Saturday but it was pouring rain and I was lazy and didn't go. I am now kicking myself for this because I need to get it serviced before I drive down to SB this weekend.
What I did do on Saturday was spend the entire day in bed watching the last few episodes of LOST. Afterward I did decide to go to the barn and even had all my riding gear on when I realized it was All-Star Saturday night and I really wanted to see the slam dunk contest. Btw, don't even get me started on this; I am livid over the results, Blake Griffin had THE WORST dunks out of the group. I just wish he would pack up and try to become a star in some other city, we don't want him here.
On Sunday I convinced Daniel to go to Golden Gate Fields with me which was so much fun!! It was dollar day so parking, admission, programs, beer, and hot dogs were all just $1. Talk about an amazing deal! We won our bets on some races but we did end the day down $8...not too bad though. I also got to see one of Gatsby's fairly close relatives race which was AWESOME. Unfortunately she didn't do very well. She was in a claiming race and I really wanted to take her home with us but Daniel wouldn't let me:(
Gatsby's famous Great-Grandfather, Seattle Slew

I did end up heading out to the barn after the racetrack but it was late and cold so I didn't ride for very long. Fortunately Gatsby was fairly relaxed and we had a productive but light dressage school. I worked on some shoulder-in at the walk and a little bit at the trot. He is usually pretty good to the right and fairly awful to the left but he finally seemed to figure it out and even though it wasn't as good as going to the right it was progress and I'm happy with that. I also did some lengthenings and a lot of leg yields to push him on to my outside rein. These didn't work quite as well as I had hoped but he was straight and responsive so I was happy. I then came home to find that Kobe had DOMINATED the All-Star Game putting up almost 40 points and some awesome dunks, including one over LBJ which thrilled me:)
Kobe doin' work!

Today I am planning on heading out after work and doing some conditioning work which he desperately needs.

Happy President's Day!

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