Friday, February 4, 2011


In the past I have been making goals for Gatsby and I in my head...and then quickly dismissing them as soon as we stray from my original plan. Obviously, this is not very productive as I tend to give up on my larger goals or at least put them off to be accomplished at some yet-to-be-known date. Since I have decided to actively track our progress and training with this blog, I figured this would also be a good place to keep track off my goals for us. So, here goes...

2011 Goals
  1. Successfully compete at Training level.
  2. Get our dressage score in the 30-35 range.
  3. Compete in at least one dressage show at Training 3 (possibly First level if all goes well).
  4. Compete in at least one jumper show at 3'7 (possibly 3'9 if all goes well)
  5. Qualify for and successfully complete the T3D at Galway in November.
  6. Feel confident and prepared for a move up to Prelim next season. (Possibly do one Prelim this season if everything goes spectacularly).
I know these goals are very competition oriented but I plan on making our monthly goals much less so and on a much smaller scale.

February Goals
  1. Continue to work on keeping Gatsby relaxed and fluid to his fences. I would love to have him jumping a small course in this new mindset by month end.
  2. Continue to work on keeping him relaxed and FOCUSED in our dressage work.
  3. Start playing with deeper leg yields and more significant extensions.
  4. KEEP HIM STRAIGHT. I have A LOT of work to do with using my outside aides more effectively and consistently.
  5. Lunge at least once a week with side reins.
  6. Venture out of the arenas and explore the trails/galloping track at our new home.
  7. Map out a conditioning plan for this season.
  8. School cross-country fences at home at least once? (This is a maybe because I am not sure how mine/Alexis' schedules will match up on the weekends for the rest of the month.)
Clearly we will have our work cut out for us this month! I am super excited about it though and I think he will do just great:) We had an amazing dressage ride yesterday and right from the start he was reaching into the contact and only rarely brought his head up. I was so happy I didn't even want to get off! I ended the right cantering around the arena with Gatsby stretching into a very loose rein...AMAZING!!

This weekend I am going home to celebrate the superbowl and go linedancing with my BFF and then on Monday I am going to a Warriors' game. Gatsby will be getting a few days off since my barn is going schooling at Twin this weekend so Alexis won't be able to ride him. I have no doubt that he will be ready to roll come Tuesday though!


  1. how long have you had gatsby? also, what area do you event? Might see you around if we are close! I would love to go to a T3D this year but idk if we can qualify (lack of funds). This year was supposed to be our prelim year but we had setbacks. I would looove to do 1 prelim this year (at Jumpstart) but I don't know if that will happen...buh. anyways, can't wait to hear more! Gotta love OTTBs :D Oh and I just got your blog title...starting box, I get it. lol

  2. I have had him for about 5 years. I know we are pretty behind for how long we've been working together but he was INSANE when I bought him and it's been a long journey. Totally worth it though! We event in Area VI so I doubt we'll see you at any shows:( We were shooting for a T3D 2 seasons ago but then I had some injuries and we are finally back on our feet. It's funny, OTTBs seem to have more issues/are harder to handle but they're all I want to ride!

  3. Ive had yanks the same amount of time and he too was nutso. I agree though, they are my love and I would love to have like 5. LOVE the header pic btw! Sadface on the VI area :(

  4. Thanks! That is my favorite pic of us:) Maybe one day we'll see each other at some big event and Gats and Yanks can make friends:)