Monday, February 14, 2011

What a week!!

Actually, it's been longer than a week since I've updated but A LOT has been going on in my life, good and bad.

My last post was right before I left to spend a weekend at home in sunny SB...AMAZING!!! Saturday I took a drive down to Thousand Oaks to go linedancing with some friends and Sunday I did some shopping, got some nachos and horchata at my favorite Mexican joint, FREEB!RDS, and spent the afternoon at home watching the Super Bowl with the fam. I did have one minor scare when halfway to Santa Barbara I realized I forgot my cowboy boots (a must for linedancing)buuuut thankfully I have some friends back home with equally clown-sized feet and an affinity for Western apparel.

Back home in Berkeley, I had a pretty busy week. I got hit with my first real adult-job dissappointment; My request for time off to go to Japan with my dad and some friends was denied as it coincided with month AND quarter end. Heartbreaking but I guess I just have to deal. On top of that I was not feeling great at the beginning of the week (read: still sleep-deprived from my weekend in So Cal) so I did not make it out to the barn until Wednesday. My ride was OK, Gatsby was a handful but neither awful nor amazing.

On Thursday I had my wisdom tooth pulled and despite my determination to be back on my feet on Friday I was sent home from work and opted to have Alexis ride Gatsby so he wouldn't have yet another day off. I went home at around 1 and slept until dinner time when the BF and I ventured out for dinner. Sushi, a Lakers win, and a Cavs win (I adopted them after LeBron's abandonment last summer:))

I was finally somewhat back to myself on Saturday and headed out for my second ride of the week. Gatsby seemed exhausted at first, probably because Alexis kicked his butt the day before, but then decided to ignore ALL of my half-halts once we started our canter work. Alrighty big guy, if that's how you wanna play you can canter around with your nose on the ground until you respond to me ever-so-slightly closing my fingers on the reins. That seemed to work pretty well and overall I would call it a successful ride:) Saturday was also supposed to be the day the BF and I celebrated our one-year anniversary but alas, laundry took much longer than planned and we decided to post-pone dinner in the city.

Sunday came all to quickly but I did manage to fight through my ever-lasting toothpain for long enough to have a fantastic dressage lesson with Alexis. We were both amazed at how quickly Gatsby is learning and how different he is after only 4 lessons! I am SO excited to conquer Training level this season!

I ended my weekend with a triple date with my BF, my college roomie and her BF, and another couple they are friends with. We went to an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet in Daly City which was suprisingly good except for the fact that my tooth REFUSES to stop hurting!! I once again attempted to go to work today but halfway there I was in WAY too much pain and decided to head home and call the dentist. I have an appointment this afternoon and hopefully they can make this go away:(

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