Monday, September 23, 2013

Back in the Swing

I think it's just time to admit that I might never be a regular blogger. Sorry guys for making you deal with all my sporadic updates!

As I mentioned last time (I think) Gatsby has had a low-key month since I've been back from England. We were waiting for my vet to get some Adequan in to start him on so we decided not to work him too hard until then. Also, I have been dealing with injuries of my own (shoulder, wisdom teeth) and then WE GOT A PUPPY!!!! So he has been taking some of my time and love up as well.

I got the call from my vet last week that I could pick up the Adequan so I decided it was time to start getting back in our groove and see what we're made of again. My schedule is still not going to be as consistent as I would like because of the pup but I think we'll be ok. Gatsby has been doing well with less work so I'm hoping we can get through the Fall like this, he can have a light Winter and by the time Spring rolls around Sirius (pup) will be old enough that George & I can leave him on his own sometimes. Unfortunately my barn has a no dogs rule which kind of sucks but I think they would let me leave him in the car if I needed to.

Friday Gats had a short but really good Dressage school. Our dressage work has been pretty basic lately but now that he's had his shot I want to start ramping him up again. I'm excited to see how he will feel after the loading dose is done! Saturday he had off because we had to take the puppy to the vet. Sunday we had a really great jump lesson with our BM. She found a great grid exercise for him that really helped us work on keeping a consistent canter. Ground pole, cross rail, one stride to a cross rail oxer, two strides to a vertical and one stride to an oxer. We kept the first two jumps small to keep him relaxed and raised the last two. After going through a few times we added a couple solo jumps to make a little course. I was really happy with how relaxed he was but I also was very aware of riding him well to keep him relaxed.

Here is a video of our grid and a couple pics of the new pup!



Sirius DK

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