Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Goals & January Goals

Last year I found myself sort of floundering from one poorly-made plan to the next so I thought that this year I should get back to goal making. I'd like to do annual and monthly but you will have to bear with me as I see how that goes.

2014 Goals


  • Recover well from tendon injury and get back to full work.
  • Compete in 1-2 horse trials, combined tests, etc.
  • Compete in a couple local dressage shows.
  • Stay happy, healthy, sound and fit.
Depending on how the remainder of his rehab goes, I'd like to shoot for a HT in April, probably at Novice since he's coming back from the injury. If that goes well I'd like to do a Training event or two sometime over the course of the season, all depends on travel, work and finances. Mostly I want him to stay healthy this year but I would love to be able to look back at this time next year and see some concrete progress being made, especially in our dressage work.


  • Be confident on the lunge line, working freely and with lunge tack.
  • Develop a solid basic under saddle skills. Be able to WTC and possibly jump small courses.
  • Do as many new things as possible, trail rides, new places, etc.
  • Possibly compete at a very low-level at a local schooling show.

January Goals


  • Successfully move up to 20 minutes of trot-work by the end of the month.
  • Start to re-develop muscles and fitness.
  • Lots of lateral work at the walk. I'd really like to improve our technique here and get everything going correctly before we start asking for it at the trot again.
  • Be able to do our trot-work on the track with NO explosions.


  • Learn to ground-drive.
  • Start work on the lunge line with the faux-ssoa system.
  • Make progress on pony rides, NO BITING!

That's actually quite a bit for both of them so we'll have to see what actually gets done with my work schedule and all. Right now I'm looking at getting to the barn around 6:30 for my morning rides just so I can fit them in! Daylight Savings, get here faster!!!


  1. Haha no biting is a good goal :)

  2. Best of luck with the rehab! That's never fun.

  3. Good luck on your goals and happy new year!