Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oh, Stomach Flu

Sorry for the slow blogging lately guys...I, along with pretty much everyone I know, has come down with an awful stomach flu the last couple weeks.

My riding schedule has been hurting from it as during the week crazy early mornings are the only time I have to ride and stomach flu doesn't really agree with that scheduling. I rode last weekend on Sunday and Gatsby was feeling great, a little too great actually. Then Monday we were bumping him up to 15 minutes of trot, broken down into 5 3-minute sets. We did two sets and then called it quits because he just didn't feel quite right. He trotted up sound on the pavement but I definitely felt something when I was riding.

My plan was to bute him Monday and Tuesday and then see how he felt for a morning ride on Wednesday. We did the buting but unfortunately I haven't been able to make it out again this week because I've been feeling bloody awful. I hate this because the same thing happened last week and I didn't get out to see him at all:(

Tonight I am going to go to bed extra early and hope that I feel well enough to sneak in a ride in the morning. I absolutely love my barn but the one (quite large) flaw is that we don't have a lighted arena, making wintertime riding very difficult.

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