Friday, March 7, 2014

Blog Hop - 7 Deadly Sins

Yay for my first time actually participating in a blog hop! Thanks L for hosting:)

Seven great things/strengths in your riding life

  1. My amazing horses.
  2. Supportive family who encourages me to continue pursuing what I love.
  3. Ability to afford to keep Gatsby and Kanye (even if it doesn't always seem practical).
  4. Wonderful barn where I know Gatsby gets the best of care.
  5. Stubborn attitude which has allowed Gatsby and I to get to where we are today.
  6. Enthusiasm to always keep learning and trying.
  7. Great group of friends to share horse life with (barn and online).
Seven things you lack or covet for you or your horse
  1. Truck and trailer so we can go places and do things.
  2. New saddles, dressage and jumping.
  3. More $$$ to pay for lessons and shows.
  4. New tack that isn't saddles.
  5. Nice schooling attire.
  6. Fancy navy dressage coat with velvet collar.
  7. Enough funds to not have to hold back on any medical/preventative treatments.
Seven things that make you angry
  1. People who don't understand the relationship riders have with their horses; they are more than just pets!
  2. People who don't understand how difficult riding actually is.
  3. People who "borrow" other peoples tack, grooming supplies, feed, etc. and never return/repay it.
  4. When I get overly frustrated and end up riding terribly and making things worse.
  5. People who don't appreciate how amazingly lucky they are to be able to afford to ride, in whatever capacity they can.
  6. People who don't give their horses enough love and treat them more like sporting equipment.
  7. People who don't wear helmets. I just don't get it, why take that risk?!?! (Even more so when they have already had multiple concussions.)
Seven things you neglect to do or cut corners on
  1. Cleaning my tack.
  2. Grooming well.
  3. Pulling mane.
  4. Riding as often as I should (sometimes).
  5. Sheath cleaning - not as often as I should.
  6. Organizing/keeping my trunk organized.
  7. Working with Kanye as much as I should.
Seven most expensive things you own for your horse/riding
  1. Gatsby.
  2. Board/lessons/shows over the years.
  3. Custom Stubben jump saddle.
  4. Kniedersuiss dressage saddle.
  5. Mountain Horse Field boots.
  6. Ariat Dress boots.
  7. Tack trunk.
Seven guilty pleasures or favorite items
  1. Mountain horse boots.
  2. Purchasing Kanye.
  3. Gatsby's board/supplements/etc.
  4. Stubben dressage bridle.
  5. Royal blue everything.
  6. Tack of the Day or Bit of Britain sales.
  7. Spending a few extra minutes at the barn and being late to work.
Seven things you love about horses and riding
  1. The smell of the barn.
  2. Hugging my horses.
  3. The feeling of accomplishment when I have a really good ride.
  4. The exhilaration of going cross-country.
  5. The amazing bond I have with Gatsby and am forming with Kanye.
  6. The work ethic, focus, motivation, drive that riding has taught me over the years.
  7. Everything else.