Friday, March 14, 2014

February Wrap-Up/March Goals

Ack! How did it already get to be mid-March and I haven't done this yet?!?!?!

February Wrap-Up


  • Be ready to move up to 30 minutes of trot-work by the end of the month.                                            Fail. We are currently at 25 minutes/week. Things are definitely going much slower than planned but I think that has only helped the healing process so I am not complaining! Gatsby feels stronger than ever.
  • Work on relaxation/stretching at the walk and trot. Really get that back swinging.                                  Success! We've been working on lots of stretching and really using his back and he has been doing great! I can't wait to see what effect this has on him once he's back in full work.
  • Straightness! This is a great time to get us on track in this area while we don't have much else to focus on.                                                                                                                                                     Success! This can be a little bit difficult depending on his mood but it is definitely something we have worked on every ride which is success in my book:)
  • Actually ground-drive!
  • Lunge in the faux-ssoa at least once!
  • Maybe try some more pony rides or two short actual rides?!?!                                               February was another failed month as far as completing the goals I set out for us. I did take him out to ground-drive once and it was apparent that his ground manners had deteriorated a bit so we have been working on that. Luckily he is a quick learner and I feel like we can try ground driving this month. He also "learned" to graze which was pretty exciting!

March Goals


  • Be ready to schedule a check-up with the vet in April to get the OK to start cantering.
  • Continue to work on relaxation and stretching.
  • Continue to work on straightness and strength-building.
  • Stay happy and healthy!
  • Get that faux-ssoa on!
  • Get on under saddle ride in!
I am super excited about daylight savings and all the extra time it gives me to spend with my boys! I have plenty of time after work now to work with each of them!! I plan on splitting my evenings with them, probably 3 week Gatsby and 1 or 2 with Kanye, depending on how he is doing learning-wise.

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