Monday, October 14, 2013

And So It Goes

Today marks one week since Gatsby's injury. Also the start of our first week of hand-walking. His leg still had a little bit of edema yesterday when I went out to ice so I am opting to give him today off and start hand-walking tomorrow. Probably didn't help that he came galloping over to see me when I got there yesterday:( Our vet said he would prefer for him to stay in turnout so he has room to move which I'm glad to do as he is SUPER miserable when boxed up but it does worry me that he won't let himself recover.

In other news, got a text yesterday that the TB I looked at at the track is still available. Trying to see if I can coordinate logistics to bring him home and get him gelded. Waiting to hear if I'll be able to vet him right now. I will keep you guys informed!

Puppy and husband are happy and healthy so that's wonderful. Still enjoying lots of love and snuggles from Gatsby.



  1. Yay baby!! Glad Gatsby is doing well--I rarely think lokcing a horse in a stall has long term benefits. Here's hoping he behaves and this is all over in a few weeks. :)

  2. New pony?? Send me pics if you have them. Glad Gats isnt cooped up, that's so tough on their brain and body. Sounds like you did the right thing giving him one more day.