Monday, October 7, 2013

More waiting

So our vet came out today and said (thank goodness) that he doesn't think it's a tendon injury! I wasn't there but was informed that Gatsby didn't seem very reactive to palpation. There is still a chance that it is a soft tissue injury though so we do need to ultrasound. Right now there is too much edema to get a good visual so we will be moving him to a smaller turnout and icing twice a day along with administrating bute and dex. Dr. Goss will be back Wednesday afternoon to ultrasound so keep your fingers crossed please!

Thank you all for your sweet messages on my last post. If there had to be just one reason to be glad I started blogging again it would be the sense of community and support from all of you.

I've also scratched from the Fresno HT. It's disappointing as we were on a great roll and I felt a good comeback in action but obviously something wasn't right. Luckily the season is winding down so we have plenty of time to put a plan together and get back in action for the spring!

Elena & Gatsby


  1. Glad that the first round went well -- here's hoping to favorable ultrasound results!!

  2. Fingers crossed for good ultrasound results!

  3. That's good news! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  4. *bigs hugs* hoping its still nothing serious.