Friday, October 11, 2013

Barn Mornings

Been spending all my mornings at the barn this week. As sad as it is to see Gatsby injured I have really enjoyed the quiet time with him to start my day off. He has been a dream and is so sweet and happy to see me in the mornings, he literally just wants to cuddle. Even when his bucket of grain is right in front of him.

We ice for two more days and then Monday we start hand walking. I always enjoy walks with him and I think this will be a good period for us to just connect and not worry about any goals or competitions, etc. The most important thing right now is the time we still get to spend together.

If any of you feel like following along with our morning adventures I usually post pictures on Instagram, username NauticalCowgirl. I will definitely continue with blogging as well but there probably won't be much to talk about for a while. You never know though!

Also, I am withdrawing from the 2-Point Challenge since I won't be riding for the remainder of October, we start tack walking the 2nd week of November. Good luck to everyone who is still in it!

Elena and Gatsby


  1. yay more horsey pics on instagram!

  2. New to the blog. Sorry about the injury. Hopefully he'll heal quickly.