Monday, October 28, 2013

Stud colt no more...

So little baby Yeezy got gelded today. My vet said he was very well behaved and should recover great. He also had his shoes pulled and feet trimmed over the weekend and the farrier said he was great to work with. I haven't worked with too many babies but he does seem to be one of the more easy going ones I have met. On Saturday George and I took Kanye and Sirius for a walk around our property and I was really amazing at how well they both behaved. Sirius has expressed some fear towards horses in the past but this time around he was really good and curious about Kanye but not overly excited or intrusive into his space. Kanye also was amazingly calm especially considering he walked through our farming area, past the goats, chickens and swans, up the driveway and chilled out in front of the house and around all the cars. So far he is a super baby and I am crossing my fingers nothing changes!

His recovery plan from the gelding procedure involves lunging for 10 minutes twice a day so this week is going to be a little bit of a struggle for me trying to fit everything in. I'm going to have to walk Gatsby in the mornings or else I will be home too late to do anything with Kanye but getting them both out in the morning will require some VERY early waking up on my part. No big deal though, it won't be for too long and it's worth it for some extra time with my boys.

Tonight, I am off to see the original Kanye with one of my best friends down in LA!!! Very excited.


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