Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spoiled Ponies

Still waiting on Gatsby's Ice Horse Tendon boots to ship.

Decided Kanye has to be just as spoiled as Gatsby. At least as much as I can reasonably afford. That means nice leather halter with a name plate and SmartPaks. I chatted with one of their reps today and he will be getting SmartVite Thrive. Looks pretty good to me. He doesn't need much as he won't be in work but I do want to make sure he has all the nutrients he needs to grow up to be a healthy pony.

When he is all done growing and I have saved some more he will get one of these in my colors. I know it is a lot for just a sheet but I have one for Gatsby that was a Christmas present when I first got him and I LOVE it. I really only use it at shows but I just think he looks so smart and handsome in it.

xoxo, Elena

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