Monday, October 21, 2013

Welcome Home Kanye!

As I'm sure you have seen from my Instagram posts (if you follow me), Baby Yeezy made it home safely on Saturday morning. According to the shipper he was very well behaved and he came off the trailer to his new home with no issue. Yay!!! I'm not going to lie, because all of this happened so quickly and I didn't get to meet the shipper or hand over the cash directly to his previous owner, I had quite a few fears of being ripped off and ending up with no money and no horse. Luckily, everything went VERY smoothly and both the shipper and the dealer I went through to purchase him were absolutely AMAZING and I would strongly recommend both of them.

Back to baby; like I said, he was great coming off the trailer and, although definitely very surprised by his new surroundings, walked to his new pasture calmly like a champ. He literally has done a complete 180 in terms of living situation so I could not be happier with how he handled things. He went from living at the busy backside of a racetrack to living in a pasture 24/7 on a ranch with some other horses to keep him company. The first thing he did in his new home was take a walk around and explore before settling down to munch some hay.

For now he is separated from the other 3 horses by a fence and hey were up in the hills when he arrived so he got some nice time to get used to his new home before being harassed by them. Unfortunately, when they did show up he was quite interested in them and when they chose to leave again, threw quite a fit. In order to restore some calm and to force them to actually get to know each other I shut them in their paddock as well. They still have plenty of space to roam around but not access to the hills and trails that they usually do.

All in all, I think it was a successful homecoming although he did throw a hind shoe when he was pining over the other horses. Seeing as I was planning on pulling at least the hinds anyway I'm not too bothered except that I don't yet know when the farrier can come out. He seems to be doing fine though and doesn't seem sore even though it was definitely not a clean pull.

In other news, Gatsby is doing as well as I could hope. He still has a little bit of edema surrounding the injury but that is to be expected. We move up to 15 minute walks this week. I know, super exciting!



  1. So cute! What's your instagram?? I love following all my my blogger friends!

    1. It's NauticalCowgirl. Thanks for following our adventure!